COVID-19 Quick Hits Washington riots

Quick Hits 144 – Why do we have intelligence if it is not acted on?

Former CSIS analyst Phil Gurski looks at how intelligence failures are anything but.

COVID-19 Quick Hits

Quick Hits 141 – Are we misusing the term ‘terrorism’?

Doctor charged with ‘terrorism’ for embarrassing Turkish government over COVID figures

COVID-19 Quick Hits Religious Extremism When Religion Kills

Quick Hits 138 – We need to call religious extremism what it is – extreme!

Why extreme views may not be violent but still can an effect on public safety.

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Quick Hits 127 – The hubris of ‘prediction’

Long pandemic could add to extremism, decline in democracy: Defence Department report.

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The Canadian government still doesn’t get intelligence

Intelligence agencies exist to help officials make better decisions. Some nations have true ‘intelligence cultures’ where the value of this kind of information is recognised. Then there is Canada.

Articles COVID-19 The Hill Times

Intelligence and the next pandemic

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into the foreground the need to plan for the next one and the role of intelligence agencies.

COVID-19 Phil in the media

COVID-19: An Intelligence Perspective

In this episode of Adversity Quotient, Phil Gurski and David Henigman discuss the roles of intelligence agencies during pandemic and what may change going forward.

COVID-19 Perspectives

What will terrorism look like post-COVID?

Terrorists like to have large audiences for their acts – what if we keep ‘social distancing’?

COVID-19 Podcast Quick Hits

Quick Hits: Not all religious extremism is violent

Some are demanding group worship at a time when collective physical distancing is necessary. Have a listen to why I think these are religious extremists.

COVID-19 The Hill Times

COVID-19, Conspiracy Theory and Terrorism?

The destruction of cell towers believed to be used to transmit 5G wireless communications is tied to a conspiracy theory that 5G is causing COVID-19.