Lessons on Terrorism Video

Intelligence Veteran Reviews – Captain Marvel (2019)

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Lessons on Terrorism Perspectives Video

My review of the Know Your History Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War trailer

What can the latest Call of Duty Cold War trailer tell us about the threats we face today, ranging from foreign espionage to foreign interference to terrorism?

Lessons on Terrorism

Lessons on Terrorism – Is Luke Skywalker a freedom fighter?

Luke Skywalker is a freedom fighter right? Or is he a terrorist? On the eve of The Rise of Skywalker, listen to this cheeky look at terrorism and science fiction.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Lessons on Terrorism Podcast

Podcast 24 – Is the Joker a terrorist?

Is the Joker character played by Joaquin Phoenix in the latest film a terrorist? Did he actually spur a terrorist movement? Listen to this episode to find out!

Ecoterrorism Lessons on Terrorism Perspectives

Godzilla, King of the Ecoterrorists?

Environmental activists’ frustration at a lack of meaningful action could lead to ecoterrorism

Lessons on Terrorism Perspectives

When Vulcans become terrorists

Star Trek needs to give us hope for what is to come. Wouldn’t it be nice to imagine a future without suicide bombers? Or am I just a dreamer?