Today in Terrorism: 4 November 2011, Boko Haram attacks in Damaturu

On this day in 2011, Nigerian Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram carried out one of its…

Today in Terrorism: 3 November 2016, Southern Thailand

Terrorist campaign in southern Thailand has been going on for decades as once Muslim lands bristle…

Today in Terrorism: 2 November 2004/2018

Islamist terrorists strike in Netherlands and Egypt 14 years apart I have been studying and writing…

Today in Terrorism: 1 November 2016 ISIS affiliate attack in Democratic Republic of Congo

There appears to be an ISIS affiliate in the DRC that is carrying out terrorist acts…

Today in Terrorism: 31 October 1984 assassination of Indira Gandhi

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by Sikh bodyguards in retaliation for Golden Temple siege.

Today in Terrorism: 30 October 2008, Assam, India

Bangladeshi Islamist terrorist group suspected in 13 near simultaneous bombs that kill 66 in Assam. I…

Today in Terrorism: 29 October 2005

Obscure Pakistani terrorist group claims bombings in India on October 29, 2005

Today in Terrorism: 28 October 2004 Bombing at bar in southern Thailand

On this day in 2004, two were killed in bombing three days after 85 Muslims were…

Today in Terrorism: 27 October 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue attack

Anti-Semite kills seven at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh during morning services.

Today in Terrorism: 26 October 2005 market attack in Israel

Six killed by suicide bomber at market in Israel; attack by Islamic Jihad