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Quick Hits 144 – Why do we have intelligence if it is not acted on?

Former CSIS analyst Phil Gurski looks at how intelligence failures are anything but.

Quick Hits Washington riots

Quick Hits 143 – Is Canada’s terrorist listing process politically motivated?

New information has surfaced that pressure was brought to name the Proud Boys despite a lack of evidence.

Quick Hits Washington riots

Quick Hits 142 – So now the Canadian government is telling us what it terrorism and what is not?

The debate over the events of Jan 6 in Washington continues. Was it terrorism? A riot? A coup?

TV interview Washington riots

How to secure the U.S. Capitol without a fence

U.S. Capitol Police want to build a permanent fence around the building to enhance security after the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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Quick Hits 129 – Can we be more consistent in our use of language when talking about terrorism?

The Proud Boy who smashed a US Capitol window is a former Marine. How is that detail important?

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Quick Hits 128 – No, the January 6 Capitol riot was not an ‘intelligence failure’

Pushing back against the idea that the US intelligence community ‘failed’ on January 6.

Right-wing extremism Washington riots

Listing the Proud Boys as a ‘terrorist entity’ is mostly about politics

Those who keep us safe do not need a list to tell them whom and what to investigate.

Perspectives Washington riots

Are we calling too many things ‘terrorism’?

Terrorism means many things to many people and we may be heading down an unhelpful pathway

Quick Hits Radio interview Right-wing extremism Washington riots

Once inside the Capitol, it was like a frat party

Listen to my interview on Canada Now with Jeff Sammut

Quick Hits Right-wing extremism Video Washington riots

Quick Hits 125 – What to make of Washington DC violence – Take 2

Borealis is joined by Barbara Perry, Canadian academic who specialises on the far right as to what it all means and what we can expect moving forward.