Jun 08, 2015

Putting a finger on the problem

When I worked as an intelligence analyst I always wanted more information.  More and better data always trumps less, as it may assist in more in depth and accurate analysis. So what should we make of the Canadian government’s decision to expand its collection of fingerprints and digital photos, in part to catch “terrorists…and jihadis […]

Jun 07, 2015

On-line arrests off-side?

The RCMP in Winnipeg detained a 23-year old Manitoban and seized a number of hard drives they said he used to express support for the Islamic State (see story here).  The youth arrested is a convert to Islam and the son of a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.  He as apparently been on CSIS’ watchlist […]

Jun 04, 2015

Nut at all a bad outcome

A Vancouver jury found John Nuttall and Amanda Korody guilty of terrorism yesterday after three days of deliberation (see Globe story here). This is good news from several perspectives a) it shows that terrorism cases can successfully be prosecuted through the court system b) our security and law enforcement agencies (CSIS was the first to […]

Jun 02, 2015

Not a Sunni proposition

I have already talked a bit about the Sunni-Shia split in an earlier piece (Brothers at Arms).  Today’s thoughts are along a different pathway. When I worked in the intelligence world and looked at violent radicalization, the focus was entirely on Sunnis, not Shia.  Of course, there were other kinds of violence to worry about […]