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Whether you want a fuller understanding of groups such as Islamic State, updates on security situations in the world’s conflict zones or insight into dealing with the terrorist “insider threat”, we can help!

Today in terrorism

January 25, 1988: Suicide attack in Sri Lanka

On this day in 1988 three suicide bombers crashed a truck through the gates of Sri Lanka’s holiest Buddhist temple, killing 8 other people, wounding 23

January 24, 1977: Shootings in Spain

On this day in 1977 neo-fascists gunned down five labour lawyers near Atocha station in Madrid, and wounded four others.

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How NOT to deal with violent extremism

Canadians expect their leaders to stand up against terrorism, not engage in philosophical speeches about ‘yelling fire in a crowded theatre’ in the aftermath of an attack.

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Why I do what I do

Why an old retired guy is dedicated to creating this material and for whom.

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