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Shedding light on a risky world, Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting provide you with the necessary advice and training to protect you and your agency from the threat of terrorism.

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Whether you want a fuller understanding of groups such as Islamic State, updates on security situations in the world’s conflict zones or insight into dealing with the terrorist “insider threat”, we can help!

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Repeat after me: thou shall not kill!

Why is it that so many so-called ‘religious’ terrorists seem to ignore the very tenets against murder that their religions explicitly espouse?

Hate and terrorism are not synonymous

Calling all serious hate-motivated violent crime ‘terrorism’ is unnecessary, unhelpful and problematic: we need to stop doing this

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Your morning scan:
Where to find terrorism and national security related news

As promised, here is the list of websites I use for my daily morning news scan.

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