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17 replies on “Subscribe author Phil Gurski”

Been enjoying your podcasts and I am admittedly sad that you have decided it was time to say “so long and thank you for the fish!” I would try to buy an argument but rather felt, all satire aside, that expressing my heart felt thanks for sharing your insight has been an inspiration to me. I will have to be content to listen to some of your older podcasts that I hadn’t had yet the pleasure to listen to. Best wishes and thank you!

Phil, better late than never. Glad to subscribe and look forward to your insights.

Just a word of appreciation for the wealth of materials made available by Phil pertaining to all things intelligence. The recent interviews with John Ferris, Christopher Parsons, Cynthia Idriss, Richard Brisson are an absolute must for anyone interested in the subject as I’m sure are the rest of Phil’s podcasts and interviews, an absolute treasure trove of information. Thanks Phil, I’am much obliged.

I have been listening to and reading the works put out by Borealis for a year and a half now. Phil’s detailed and comprehensive analysis on extremism and terrorism, are pertinent and refreshingly in their pragmatic approach, due to Phil’s thorough understanding of the history of terrorism/ counterterrorism/extremism, and how various subjects, methods, and actors and organizations, have evolved or restructured over time.
For all things terrorism and extremism related, I highly recommend Borealis!

Good evening Mr Gurski and thank you for the excellent work on extremism that you share. Best regards.

Stumbled onto your site and blog while in isolation. Interesting.
I’m a proud member of the Bloomer Generation who served his Queen and country (Canada) over 31 Years. I had practical experience on deadly disease after graduation from Universities (U of G & Saskatchewan) with work assignments in Agriculture and Health. A stint at the Gross Isle Station prior to the global ban on such nasty tasks as well as a whaling station in Quebec further my ignorance about Mother Nature. Exposure in several associations like ACFE, CPRIC, CPIO, HTCIA, HTTC, PMAC sharpen my investigative/surveillance. Stepping aside from being a civil servant I received my security/PI license being part of several commercial agencies. Receiving great training by. Edwin Bakker from the Universiteit Leiden I gain a basic insight about terrorism. Nevertheless I left this cross-over life after my spouse complained I needed to relax and enjoy life. I chilled out for awhile by walking my hound and burning meals for family; until this half-ass situation on isolation/quarantine in the GTA. Anyhow, I am somewhat
joyful to discover your IP. Hope to participate rather than lurk in the wings. Take care. Mask up !

Thanks for taking the time to comment James! All the best. I know Edwin Bakker and think he is a good instructor.

Studying a Masters Degree here. I listened to your podcast with Bruce Hoffman. It was for me very engaging with current issues and thought provoking. Leading me to brush up on extremist matters that were raised.