Tunisian shepherd kidnapped and tortured by AQIM (June 24, 2018)

On this day in 2018, a young Tunisian shepherd who was tortured by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) terrorists survived his ordeal but later died from his injuries.

KASSERINE, TUNISIA — Have you even seen a piece of terrorist group propaganda? Take Islamic State (ISIS) as an example. If you watch a video you will see a number of things that occur again and again and again:

  • background music that is either in the form of a nasheed (male voice chanting unaccompanied by instrument) or dramatic in nature;
  • lots of men yelling (nary a female to be seen);
  • lots of weapons brandished; and (most importantly)
  • a lot of talk about how so-and-so is/was a ‘hero’
“We’re #1…wankers!”

Terrorists who abide by Islamist extremist tenets portray themselves as heroes and ‘holy warriors’ (mujahideen). They boast of their exploits as if they are driven by God and have His sanction. They see themselves as pure and righteous and divinely sanctioned. All good images to be sure.

Like lambs to the slaughter

The reality is a little different. The people they often choose to attack have no way of defending themselves. When a suicide bomber or a gunman enters a crowded market those about to become his victims have no idea what is in store for them or any way of avoiding their fate. The are like lambs to the slaughter.

And yet in the wake of the carnage ISIS will put out a statement saying that ‘a soldier of Allah’ or ‘a lion of Islam’ bravely struck at the hearts of the kuffar (infidels), making them quake with fear at the sight of the fearless. Or some equally inaccurate crap.

Today’s featured attack is a good example. On this day in 2018 ‘heroes’ from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) kidnapped and tortured a young shepherd in the Kasserine district of Tunisia. The boy survived the attack but later died of his wounds.

Terrorist propaganda makes these actors out as brave heroes: in actual fact, most of their attacks are cowardly

A group of men against a shepherd? Where is the heroism in that? How can this group claim this as a ‘victory’? How can a terrorist organisation stoop this low?

Well, when you are already scraping the bottom of the terrorist barrel it is not hard to go down even further.

Phil Gurski
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