Jul 11, 2015

Pulling back the welcome mat

In the struggle to come up with strategies to deal with violent extremism (notice I didn’t say “War on Terror”?) a number of policies, strategies and measures are continually being proposed by governments, academics, experts and thinktanks around the world.  There is even some attempt at coordinating positions and coming to some agreement on what […]

Jul 10, 2015

Judicial jihad?

A couple of years ago, I remember reading an article in the Wall Street Journal in which the phenomenon of “lawfare” was featured.  Lawfare occurs when a person misuses the legal system to intimidate others from criticising him/her and threatens to bring personal liability action.  The term was applied to a number of scenarios: when […]

Jul 09, 2015

The good, the bad and the ugly – part two

Still with me?  Let’s continue #13 and #14 – fantastic (that’s even better than great)!  We should have let CSIS and the RCMP off the leash a long time ago.  They, more than anyone, know the nature and level of the threat and should be able to tell Canadians about it. #15 – very good, […]

Jul 09, 2015

The good, the bad and the ugly – part one

I’m no fan of spaghetti westerns and the 1966 film starring Clint Eastwood among others has nothing to do with terrorism.  It’s just that I can think of no better phrase to describe the interim report issued by the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence on countering the terrorist threat in Canada (see the […]