Nov 17, 2015

Terrorism and life

As we sift through the carnage and horror of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris we are already seeing the ugly underside that humans all too frequently exhibit.  Republican candidate Donald Trump calls for American mosques to be closed.  Other presidential hopefuls, and several state governors, have stated that will stop Syrian refugees from being […]

Nov 15, 2015

What do we really know about what happened in Paris?

We live in an age of instant information.  This is largely a good thing.   We can learn about what is happening  around the world almost instantaneously.  What used to take weeks or months to come to our attention now takes minutes.  That is a very good thing when it comes to human tragedy.  Earthquakes, […]

Nov 15, 2015

Lessons from France – part 3

A few days ago I stood overlooking what was no-man’s land outside the little town of Auchonvillers in the Somme department of Picardie.  In a battle that became known as Beaumont-Hamel, the morning of July 1, 1916 saw the slaughter of most of the Newfoundland Regiment (it later received the title “Royal”): of the 780 […]

Nov 15, 2015

Lessons from France – part 2

Staying with the theme of the catastrophic loss of life in Paris two nights ago, one set of comments has me worried.  A few people – not just in the wake of November 13 but for some time now – have decided that groups such as the Islamic State are “death cults” and that members […]