Quick Hits Right-wing extremism Video Washington riots

What the hell happened in Washington today?

A mog storms the US Senate. Sessions are ended, tear gas is strewn, chaos reigns.

Nashville explosion Quick Hits Video

Nashville explosion: Just what do we mean by ‘terrorism’?

The recent explosion in Nashville has been deemed a ‘suicide bombing’. Was it?

Phil in the media Quick Hits Toronto 18

Architect of Toronto 18 terror plot granted day parole against recommendation of Correctional Service of Canada

This past Tuesday, an architect of an extraordinary Toronto 18 terrorism plot to detonate truck bombs in the city’s downtown core was granted day parole.

Quick Hits Video

You gotta read – LOTS – if you want to stay informed

If you want to stay abreast of what is happening from a national security/public safety angle you need to invest time and effort to find that information.

Antifa Phil in the media Video

Are Antifa terrorists? What does terrorism even mean? A discussion with youtuber Vaush

I was a guest on the Vaush youtube show yesterday to discuss Antifa and terrorism from a left perspective. Have a listen!

Perspectives Video

My review of the Know Your History Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War trailer

What can the latest Call of Duty Cold War trailer tell us about the threats we face today, ranging from foreign espionage to foreign interference to terrorism?


Brian Jenkins explains why ‘terrorism is theater’

Brian Jenkins and Phil Gurski discusses why terrorists seem to want a lot of people watching, not a lot of people dead.

Podcast Quick Hits Video

Terrorism In STAR WARS: Is The Force A Terrorist Ideology?

Star Wars is a classic battle of good vs evil. In this podcast, Phil Gurski explores if the good guys are terrorists and if the Force is a terrorist ideology.

Caliphate Video

A review of Caliphate – Episode 1

Security Service agent Fatima’s career is in trouble after a serious mistake. But one day she gets a very upsetting phone call.

Phil in the media

Zoomer Radio – Phil Gurski and Ted Mallet discuss the ongoing rail blockade

Near hours after police moved in to inforce an injonction and remove a rail blockade near Belleville, other poped up affecting trains and services.