Quick Hits Video Washington riots

No, the January 6 Capitol riot was not an ‘intelligence failure’

Pushing back against the idea that the US intelligence community ‘failed’ on January 6.

COVID-19 Quick Hits Video

The hubris of ‘prediction’

Long pandemic could add to extremism, decline in democracy: Defence Department report.

Quick Hits Right-wing extremism

What is the point of ‘terrorist group listings’?

Jagmeet Singh called for Proud Boys to be labelled as terrorists. What is a ‘terrorist entity list’ and what does it do?


Repeat after me: China is not our friend!

The idea that China is a responsible member of the international community is insane and the world’s nations have to stand up to its aggression.

An Intelligent Look at Terrorism Podcast

Joshua Krasna: What national security issues keep Israelis awake at night?

Israeli analyst Joshua Krasna joins Borealis to look at current national security issues for Israel.


Spying on your allies is normal

Even the best of friends have divergent interests and sometimes compete with one another: that is why intelligence is necessary.

National Security Quick Hits Video

So now our spies need a warrant to use Google?

What to make of a new NSIRA report criticising CSIS for using open source info to help it do its job?

National Security

National Security and Intelligence Review Agency 2019 Annual Report

Canada’s independent expert review body for all national security and intelligence activities.

Quick Hits Video

You gotta read – LOTS – if you want to stay informed

If you want to stay abreast of what is happening from a national security/public safety angle you need to invest time and effort to find that information.

National Security Quick Hits Vienna shooting

Why do security services get blamed when things go badly?

Austria apparently received but failed to act on intelligence from Germany and Slovakia. Was the attack a failure?