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So long and thanks for all the fish

Quick Hits 189 – This is the last podcast… for now.

Borealis has had a good run since 2015 – podcasts, blogs, media interviews, etc. not to mention six books on terrorism. It is time, however, to move on. This is the last podcast… for now.

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About the host Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. and Programme Director for the Security, Economics and Technology (SET) hub at the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute (PDI). He worked as a senior strategic analyst at CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) from 2001-2015, specializing in violent Islamist-inspired homegrown terrorism and radicalisation.

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By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.

10 replies on “So long and thanks for all the fish”

“Terrorist” is now modern-day lingo for barbarian. Even when used appropriately it is an overused and diluted word. To paraphrase George Orwell: “terrorism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.” I sincerely hope that one day fear, hatred, jealousy and power worship will lose its grip on politics & all of our views will be able to exist side to side with the acceptance of reality.

I had my disagreements with you Phil, And I’m not proud to say I’m not brave enough to state what I do disagree with you on*, but no one should ever look to anyone person for the truth & that’s the source of much of our violence in today’s society (in America at least). But I respect your expertise and appreciate everything you had to say. Sorry to see you go.

*Ok I will say I am disappointed by your response to the Atlanta spa shooting but it’s too late for me to complain. Don’t worry about it.

Congratulations on a great run Phil. Your podcasts have, over the years,
been topical, interesting and a useful educational tool for my students. I will certainly miss your candid (no nonsense) assessments – although I suspect we have not heard the last of “Marshal Gurski”.

Thank you Phil for your dedicated work. You deserve to get back to your passions and take time for yourself. Enjoy your time away from podcasting. I’ll keep reading and following you on Twitter. It takes professionals like you to keep educating Canadians and the international community about terrorism.

Phil, I understand the decision but I will miss the voice. I agree with your comments, particularly with respect to right-wing extremism. Stay well, enjoy the grand children! Keep in touch. Ward Elcock

Hello Phil:

As a former DDG/CT I have a continuing interest in the subject of terrorism. I have tried to keep up with developments, but find I have set a monumental task and has been impossible. Thanks to people like you I can get condensed assessments and thoughtful comments.

I live in Kingston and have been an executive member of the Royal Kingston United Services Institute (RKUSI) since I was tricked onto volunteering to be on the executive in 1990. We have been in existence since the mid 1920’s; no one is sure of the actual date, and we meet monthly hosting a speaker on topics related to defense and security. If you are interested you would be welcome to attend a meeting on 21 April at 5:00 pm in the Fort Frontenac Officer’s Mess. the speaker will be Lubomyr Luciuk who will talk about the situation in the Ukraine.

A mutual friend is Larry Brooks, who is also a member of the RKUSI.

Please let me know if you are interested in attending this event.

We are always looking for speakers and I can offer you a platform when you are ready to say something.

I have great grandchildren and don’t seen enough of them.

Best regards, Gary Coulter, 581 Gore Rd., Kingston ON. K7L 0C3

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