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Nashville explosion: Just what do we mean by ‘terrorism’?

The recent explosion in Nashville has been deemed a ‘suicide bombing’. Was it?


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We just wants to say thanks to each and every of you for your support and engagement in 2020 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2021!


With crimes against humanity, the requirement to find and punish the guilty should never end

Ongoing court cases to send individuals to trial for war crimes a quarter century ago sends a powerful message

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Canadian charged by RCMP for alleged false terrorism claims

I was invited on CTV News to discusss the case of a Canadian charged by RCMP for alleged false terrorism claims and faking involvment with ISIS.

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It is high time to cancel ‘cancel culture’

Debate is the backbone of democratic society. Reasoned, civil exchanges of ideas is what we must protect. Phil Gurski weighs in on this ‘cancel culture’ phenomenon.


Anti-academic? Me? I don’t think so…

There is an old phrase ‘town and gown’ that refers to the relationship between non-academics and academics. I myself have been accused of being ‘anti-academic’, a charge I refute strongly here.

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The need to do a much better job of removing those who do not belong in Canada

The auditor general found despite a recent increase in removals, about 50,000 enforceable cases piled up in the CBSA’s inventory during the time of her audit.

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Former Toronto 18 member Saad Gaya asks to be removed from no-fly list

Should convicted terrorists like Toronto 18 member Saad Gaya get a second chance? Former Security Service Analyst Phil Gurski weighs in.

An Intelligent Look at Terrorism Podcast

Podcast 49 – Terrorism, Iran and Foreign Policy: A discussion with Atheist Republic

Armin Navabi from Atheist Republic interviews CSIS analyst Phil Gurski on what is happening in Iran and how worried should we be about that nation.

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Why can’t some people just call terrorists ‘terrorists’?

While there is no question that the term terrorism is overused, there are puzzling occasions on which it is not used at all.