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Borealis talks with American terrorism guru Brian Jenkins

Episode 100 – Borealis President Phil Gurski is delighted to welcome back US terrorism specialist Brian Jenkins to answer a simple question: whither terrorism?

June Today in Terrorism

June 28, 2013: Far-right terrorist leaves IED outside UK mosque

On June 28, 2013 a Ukrainian-born far right terrorist living in the UK detonated an IED outside a mosque in Wolverhampton

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Quick Hits 163 – Should Canadian MPs decide who is and who is not a terrorist?

Jagmeet Singh says there’s a link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism.


Are we REALLY seeing the end of global Islamist terrorism?

Reports that global Islamist terrorism is on the wane are inaccurate and dangerous: we have to keep our eye on this international security threat

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Quick Hits 147 – RWE in Germany vs other forms of terrorism

RWE in Germany is bad, but how does it stack up against other forms of terrorism?

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Quick Hits 145 – Who says RWE is worse than ISIS?

Pushing back against the increased hyperbole over the terrorist reality.

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Canada adds 13 groups to terror list – What does it mean?

The purpose of Canada’s terror group list

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Quick Hits 132 – What will Right-wing extremists do after Trump?

Many in the so-called right-wing extremist (RWE) are confused now that Trump is no longer the ‘oil’ that greases their movements.

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Quick Hits 131 – So, what’s up with Christian extremism?

The links between Christians extremism and the far-right.

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Quick Hits 129 – Can we be more consistent in our use of language when talking about terrorism?

The Proud Boy who smashed a US Capitol window is a former Marine. How is that detail important?