Quick Hits Right-wing extremism Washington riots

Can we be more consistent in our use of language when talking about terrorism?

The Proud Boy who smashed a US Capitol window is a former Marine. How is that detail important?

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No, the January 6 Capitol riot was not an ‘intelligence failure’

Pushing back against the idea that the US intelligence community ‘failed’ on January 6.

Right-wing extremism Washington riots

Listing the Proud Boys as a ‘terrorist entity’ is mostly about politics

Those who keep us safe do not need a list to tell them whom and what to investigate.

Quick Hits Right-wing extremism

What is the point of ‘terrorist group listings’?

Jagmeet Singh called for Proud Boys to be labelled as terrorists. What is a ‘terrorist entity list’ and what does it do?

An Intelligent Look at Terrorism Podcast

How serious is the far-right extremist threat in Canada? Are we taking it seriously enough?

In this episode, Borealis talks to Canada’s leading scholar on far right extremism, Dr. Barbara Perry of Ontario Tech University. Have a listen!


Should Canadians worry about #Wexit from an extremism perspective?

Why the Canadian Wexit movement should be monitored to ensure it does not head down a violent extremist direction.