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Quick Hits 163 – Should Canadian MPs decide who is and who is not a terrorist?

Jagmeet Singh says there’s a link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism.

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Top 10 worst right-wing extremist group names

Following my earlier Top 10 Worst Terrorist Group Names, here is my take on the Top 10 Worst RWE Group Names.

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Quick Hits 143 – Is Canada’s terrorist listing process politically motivated?

New information has surfaced that pressure was brought to name the Proud Boys despite a lack of evidence.

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Canada adds 13 groups to terror list – What does it mean?

The purpose of Canada’s terror group list

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Quick Hits 136 – Yes, the Canadian terrorist listing process is political and it is not necessary

Canada labels the Proud Boys, other neo-Nazi groups as terrorists.

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Quick Hits 135 – Do we need Canadian MPs to tell us what is a terrorist group?

MPs agree to call on feds to declare Proud Boys a terrorist entity.

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Quick Hits 132 – What will Right-wing extremists do after Trump?

Many in the so-called right-wing extremist (RWE) are confused now that Trump is no longer the ‘oil’ that greases their movements.

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Quick Hits 129 – Can we be more consistent in our use of language when talking about terrorism?

The Proud Boy who smashed a US Capitol window is a former Marine. How is that detail important?

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Quick Hits 128 – No, the January 6 Capitol riot was not an ‘intelligence failure’

Pushing back against the idea that the US intelligence community ‘failed’ on January 6.

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Listing the Proud Boys as a ‘terrorist entity’ is mostly about politics

Those who keep us safe do not need a list to tell them whom and what to investigate.