Quick Hits Radio interview Right-wing extremism Washington riots

Once inside the Capitol, it was like a frat party

Listen to my interview on Canada Now with Jeff Sammut

Quick Hits Right-wing extremism Video Washington riots

What the hell happened in Washington today?

A mog storms the US Senate. Sessions are ended, tear gas is strewn, chaos reigns.

Phil in the media Quick Hits Video

FBI foils right-wing terror plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

Borealis talks with CHML’s Bill Kelly about the FBI takedown of a right wing Michigan militia plot to kidnap and kill the state governor. Have a listen!

Phil in the media Video

13 men charged in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

Watch my appearance on Global News about the FBI accusing 13 men of a violent plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and start a U.S. civil war ahead of the November presidential election.

Podcast Quick Hits

Armed suspect at Rideau Hall and Trump denies Russian bounty intelligence

Two interesting developments in two capitals. Armed suspect arrested at Rideau Hall and Trump denies being briefed on Russian bounty intelligence.

Podcast Quick Hits

Quick Hits: Russia paying Talibans bounties for dead US soldiers?

News that Russia is paying the Taliban to kill US military in Afghanistan came out this week. How big is this and what will the Trump Administration do in response?

An Intelligent Look at Terrorism Podcast

A discussion with Destiny: Trump, Incels, Police and more

If you recall, about 5 months ago, I joined Destiny (Steven Bonnell) during his livestream. He invited me back for another discussion.

Antifa Phil in the media

The Bill Kelly Show – Antifa to be designated as terrorist organization

I was a guest on The Bill Kelly Show this morning to discuss the plans to list Antifa as a terrorist organization. Have a listen.

Antifa Podcast Quick Hits

Quick Hits: Antifa as a terrorist organization?

President Trump has threatened to list Antifa as a terrorist organisation. Some say he can’t do that. What if we dropped terrorism as a criminal offence?

Articles COVID-19 The Hill Times

No, COVID-19 is not an ‘intelligence failure’

Intelligence agencies really should have more of a dialogue with those who support them financially, i.e. the taxpayers/citizens.