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The war on terror in Afghanisatan: Lessons in counterterrorism policy

Phil was invited to the Realpolitik podcast. Listen to this chat on the war on terror and lessons in counterterrorism policy


President Biden delivers remarks after last U.S. troops leave Afghanistan

U.S. President Joe Biden delivers his remarks after the country completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Canadian Intelligence Eh! Right-wing extremism

Peter Neumann – What is going on with extremists in Germany?

Episode 102 – Borealis talks with ICSR’s Peter Neumann to get the lowdown on what is happening in Germany.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! COVID-19 Washington riots

Borealis talks with American terrorism guru Brian Jenkins

Episode 100 – Borealis President Phil Gurski is delighted to welcome back US terrorism specialist Brian Jenkins to answer a simple question: whither terrorism?

Lessons on Terrorism Video

Intelligence Veteran Reviews – Iron Man (2008) and the war on terrorism

Lessons on the “War on Terror”

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A lot of dictatorships are using ‘terrorism’ to crack down on opponents

Even if we cannot agree on what ‘terrorism’ is, we should be able to agree on what it isn’t. In this episode, Borealis looks at some recent abuses of the word terrorism and calls on all countries to reject this usage.