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Terrorism: Canadian Style Eh!

The “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa have made international headlines and even spawned similar actions abroad. Some have called it “terrorism”. Is it really?

Canadian Intelligence Eh!

Policing a capital city during a major demonstration

Episode 124 – As Ottawa is still dealing with an anti-vaccine mandate trucking convoy, Borealis talks to former Ottawa Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau.

November Today in Terrorism

November 18, 2013: ‘Terrorist attack’ at Bahamas newspaper?

On November 18, 2013 a grenade was thrown through the front door of a newspaper in the Bahamas but failed to detonate.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! COVID-19 Washington riots

Borealis talks with American terrorism guru Brian Jenkins

Episode 100 – Borealis President Phil Gurski is delighted to welcome back US terrorism specialist Brian Jenkins to answer a simple question: whither terrorism?

COVID-19 Quick Hits Video

When language matters

Quick Hits 166 – What is Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremism (IMVE)?

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Quick Hits 165 – Can intelligence agencies help us discover where COVID came from?

Covid: Biden orders investigation into virus origin as lab leak theory debated

COVID-19 Quick Hits Washington riots

Quick Hits 144 – Why do we have intelligence if it is not acted on?

Former CSIS analyst Phil Gurski looks at how intelligence failures are anything but.


Are end-of-Earthers and conspiracy theorists that dangerous?

Why are many consumed with a sense of moral panic that conspiracy theorists constitute the next wave of terrorism?

COVID-19 Quick Hits

Quick Hits 141 – Are we misusing the term ‘terrorism’?

Doctor charged with ‘terrorism’ for embarrassing Turkish government over COVID figures

Perspectives University of Ottawa

What will Canada’s national security and public safety challenges be in 2021?

In the absence of a crystal ball we can still list some of the national security and public safety challenges we may face in 2021.