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Quick Hits 165 – Can intelligence agencies help us discover where COVID came from?

Covid: Biden orders investigation into virus origin as lab leak theory debated


Repeat after me: China is not our friend!

The idea that China is a responsible member of the international community is insane and the world’s nations have to stand up to its aggression.

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More questions than answers on the Rideau Hall ‘incident’

Former CSIS analyst explain why, when we have so little to go on, it is best to refrain from pronouncing judgment on a violent incident.

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Intelligence and the next pandemic

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into the foreground the need to plan for the next one and the role of intelligence agencies.

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COVID-19: An Intelligence Perspective

In this episode of Adversity Quotient, Phil Gurski and David Henigman discuss the roles of intelligence agencies during pandemic and what may change going forward.

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What will terrorism look like post-COVID?

Terrorists like to have large audiences for their acts – what if we keep ‘social distancing’?

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Quick Hits: Not all religious extremism is violent

Some are demanding group worship at a time when collective physical distancing is necessary. Have a listen to why I think these are religious extremists.

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COVID-19, Conspiracy Theory and Terrorism?

The destruction of cell towers believed to be used to transmit 5G wireless communications is tied to a conspiracy theory that 5G is causing COVID-19.

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COVID-19, face masks and national security

The debate over the niqab (Muslim face veil) was never about national security: COVID-19 is demonstrating that.

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Where is the COVID-19 terrorism spike?

There has not been an appreciable increase in terrorism activity in most nations across the world (there are exceptions). Here is what we know so far.