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Top 10 worst right-wing extremist group names

Following my earlier Top 10 Worst Terrorist Group Names, here is my take on the Top 10 Worst RWE Group Names.

Some people should really think twice before settling on a name for themselves.

When I decided to incorporate after I retired from CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) in early 2015 I had to come up with a name for myself. I did ponder this for a while and I needed to make sure that my moniker was not already registered with the Canadian government as an existing company.

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I ended up with Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting for a few reasons. The latter part (Threat and Risk Consulting) was a no-brainer: it summarised what I set out to do. The ‘Borealis’ part was settled on because I wanted to reflect the fact I am Canadian (where the Aurora Borealis often appears). And when I contracted out for my company logo/trademark – which I think looks very cool for what it is worth! – I was happy with the result.

Your name tells your audience lots and as the first thing your audience sees it is important to get it right.

Some right-wing extremism (RWE) groups need some help. Following my earlier Top Ten Worst Terrorist Group Names, here is my take on the Top Ten Worst RWE Group Names:

Top 10 Worst Terrorist Group Names:

#10 Stormfront

This sounds like a weather system, not a white supremacist bunch!

Image result for stormfront logo
Well, at least it rhymes! (Photo: Stormfront website)

#9 The Remnant

Remnant of what? Are we talking leftover casserole? Those awful beady licorices no one wants at the bottom of the bag? The dregs? Back to the drawing board gents!

#8 La Meute

This Quebec-based RWE translates as ‘the wolf pack’. Not sure if they are going for the ‘lone wolf terrorism’ theme here or what but I do know that when they gather in ‘packs’ those opposing them tend to be 10x more numerous!

43 000 membres pour le groupe d'extrême droite la Meute |
Unfortunate forehead tattoo there wolf-man! (Photo: FaceBook)

#7 The IIIpercenters

This group claims that only three percent of Americans fought in the Revolutionary War against the British. Hence they are the vanguard of the new revolution, I guess. It is also said, although it is a myth, that we use only five percent of our brains. These guys can’t even manage that!

III percenters logo
At least they can count to 3!! (Photo: Anti-Defamation League)

#6 Oath Keepers

These guys claim to have tens of thousands of present and former law enforcement officials and military veterans as members, is one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the US today. They sound more like one of those conservative Christian virginity clubs to me!

Oath Keepers confirm militia will attend controversial Crissy Field rally –  The San Francisco Examiner
Nothing better to do than just stand around in camo I guess (Photo: Anthony Crider/via Flickr)

#5 Order of the Nine Angles

These guys are ‘Nazi Satanists’. Whatever. It sounds like a club for high school math geeks to me! What are the nine angles? Is it a typo for the ‘nine angels’? Or rather ‘fallen angels’, like Satan? I am confused!

Masked man posing with ONA symbols
Do I look good in black? (Photo: FaceBook)

#4 The Proud Boys

These guys recently took part in the January 6th siege at the US Capitol and were listed as a terrorist entity in Canada. Is it just me, or do you immediately think of Gay Pride when you hear this? I am pretty sure the Proud Boys are not pro-LGBTQ! And ‘boys’? Boys? Who can take a group that calls itself ‘Boys’ seriously?

#3 The Hammerskins

What a stupid, stupid name! This bunch is the oldest hardcore racist skinhead groups in the US and takes its symbol from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” consisting of two crossed hammers, usually superimposed over a cogwheel. Looks more like a Mason sign or what your local union may put up!

Are these guys in a labour union??

#2 The Boogaloo Bois

Not only can they not spell, but see above for why it is a bad idea to use the word ‘boys’ to describe a bunch of RW men. Also, ‘boogaloo’? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why is it that when I hear that name I feel like dancing, not trembling in my shoes?

#1 Soldiers of Odin

Originally a Finnish group, it now has chapters in Canada as well. It was created as an anti-immigrant group in 2015 as a response to thousands of migrants arriving in Finland amid the European migrant crisis. I think they are just pissed that they were passed over for bit roles in Thor: Ragnarok. They are Marvel wannabes.

By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.

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