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May 9, 2002: Terrorists bomb Victory Day celebration in Dagestan

On May 9, 2002 an explosion hit the main thoroughfare of Kaspiysk in the southern republic of Dagestan, killing 44 people and wounding 133

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Quick Hits 129 – Can we be more consistent in our use of language when talking about terrorism?

The Proud Boy who smashed a US Capitol window is a former Marine. How is that detail important?

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‘Peace in our time’, Afghan style?

Why military interventions are hard to evaluate, especially ones in really broken lands like Afghanistan.

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The ‘War’ on Coronavirus | QUICK HITS 23

In this Quick Hits podcast, Phil Gurski explains why we must refrain from using military terminology during the coronavirus crisis.

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Quick Hits 7 – Military

Does the military have a significant role to play in counter terrorism? Yes….and no. Have a listen to this quick hits episode!


In search of expertise

This blog entry may get snarky at times and for that I apologise in advance.  But there are a few things I have noticed of late.