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Angus Smith – Intelligence vs evidence in the life of a strategic analyst

Episode 98 – Phil Gurski is joined by former RCMP strategic analyst Angus Smith to discuss how spies and cops have related, but different responsibilities

Lessons on Terrorism Video

Are Tom Clancy-inspired terrorist games realistic?

How accurate is it to real counter terrorism ops?

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Intelligence Veteran Reviews – Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Is HYDRA a terrorist organisation which created the ultimate terrorist?

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Quick Hits 140 – Can someone please tell me why Canada does not have a foreign intelligence service?

Judge denies CSIS request to collect foreign intelligence

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How do intelligence agencies stop Russian spying?

A report submitted to the UK parliament claims that British, and Western, intelligence agencies cannot combat “online psychological operations from foreign state actors — primarily Russia — aiming to influence Western politics on a mass scale“. Why can’t they? Borealis looks at this in his latest Quick Hit podcast. Britain is abuzz today with news […]