November Today in Terrorism

November 19, 2015: Ecoterrorist letter bombs in Mexico

On November 19, 2015 two people were injured by a letter bomb sent by ecoterrorists to a Mexican agricultural council in the capital city.

April Today in Terrorism

April 27, 2011: Assassination attempt in Mexico

On April 27, 2011 a bomb targeted the head of engineering and nanotechnology at a Mexican university in an anti-technology’ attack.

September Today in Terrorism

September 27, 2011: Anarchist bombing in Mexico

Mexican anarchists threw two incendiary devices against a Walmart in the capital city as the initial salvo of the ‘war against the existing order’.

Today in Terrorism

Today in Terrorism: 10 November 2011 Ernesto Menendez Salinas assassination

Was an ‘ecoterrorist’ attack in Mexico eight years ago a harbinger of things to come?