A review of Caliphate – Episode 1

The Swedish series Caliphate is getting a lot of attention. It is the story of ISIS and a planned attack in Sweden and the local intelligence effort to stop it. Here is an unofficial ‘review’ by a 30-year intelligence veteran and terrorism specialist.

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About Caliphate

Starting in 2014, the terrorist group known as ISIS launched its version of the ‘Caliphate’  in parts of Iraq and Syria- a state run by Islamic law.  Conditions were brutal and barbaric punishments were meted out for minor offences.  Many lived in fear. Thousands from western countries left to join ISIS, despite the fact that everyone knew it was a terrorist group.  Some were enthusiastic supporters: others had a change of heart once they got there.  

All this is historical and well documented.  Now we can relive those days via the Netflix production ‘Caliphate’.  This Swedish production began airing in 2020 and follows events in Sweden and Iraq as several Swedes have left their homeland to join ISIS and SAEPO, the Swedish security service, is trying to keep tabs on threats.  Throw into the mix an alleged ISIS bomb plot in Sweden and you have all the makings of a cliffhanger series! 

Join Borealis as we walk through each episode and discuss what happened.  We will look at how accurate the fictional depiction is, all seen through the lens of a 32-year Canadian intelligence veteran and author of five books on terrorism.

A review of Caliphate – Listen to Episode 2

In this episode Pervin tries to find out more about the alleged upcoming terrorist attack in Sweden, pushed by her SAEPO handler. Husam’s panic attacks continue and lead to tragic events.  Ibbe is still grooming young women in Sweden and appears to be having some success.

Phil Gurski

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