Can Religion Sometimes Be a Hazard? Interview with Phil Gurski – Part 1

I was a guest on the Multi-Hazards podcast to discuss religion and ideology with Vin Nelsen. Have a listen!

This episode focuses on religion and ideology. Often we’re taught to avoid two topics: religion and politics. However, can we discuss religion and ideology, at the right time and place, with civility and respect? In this episode, terrorism specialist Phil Gurski discusses this sensitive topic of religion with tact and diplomacy. He answers the question: “Can religion sometimes be hazardous?”

Religion often has moderates and sometimes extremists. Conservative and liberals. People who view their sacred writings metaphorically or literally. Groups and individuals who try to spread their religion as much as possible, others who don’t. We live in a world of multiple religions and beliefs. Somehow, some way, we have to get along . . .

Join us at Multi-Hazards as we explore religion, how it affects society, and how we all can work together.

About Multi-Hazards

Climate change, extreme weather, (un)natural disasters, pandemics, cyber attacks, biodiversity loss, the 6th mass extinction, poisonous political trends, etc. This is a podcast about disasters suffered or averted, with issues facing experts in climate change adaptation, emergency management, business continuity, disaster risk reduction, public safety, etc. It’s for anyone interested in protecting your communities, families, your livelihoods or businesses.

Phil Gurski

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