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Does Canada need a ‘terrorism’ offence?

A recent court case in which a young man pleaded guilty to murder in a 2020 attack raises the issue of why we need to have terrorism charges at all

Quick Hits – Episode 202: Do we really need terrorism in our (Canadian) criminal code?

A young man in Toronto just pleaded guilty to one count of murder and two of attempted murder in a west-end spa in 2020.  He was a young offender (i.e. under 18) at the time and this has to be taken into consideration.  The Crown (prosecution in Canada) did lay ‘terrorism’ charges at the time and it is unclear whether it will pursue this line.  Why?  We already have a criminal admission and it is far from clear we need to keep going.  In addition, it is also not obvious that his acts were ‘terrorist’ in nature.  Canada has only had terrorism legislation since 9/11.  Is it even necessary or do other parts of the criminal code suffice.  Borealis weighs in on this case.

Toronto spa killer pleads guilty to murder in deadly sword attack, cites van attacker as ‘inspiration’ | CBC News

By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.

One reply on “Does Canada need a ‘terrorism’ offence?”

I feel sorry for Ashley Noell Arzaga, and the family that grieve. I also feel sorry for the alleged owner, who suffered severely. Yet one has to ask, why are these women working in so-called “spas” in the first place? The answer is not drugs, as you may think; mostly those women work the street. Of course, I am assuming like all these places “Receptionists” are not Administrative Assistants.

Must be nice to have had a decent paying, secure public sector job; which allows one to pay for their home, car, bills and food. Even a simple Administrative Assistant with CSIS starts on the higher end $60,000 a year to push and staple paper around all day. Which (BTW) is actually a hell of a lot less than I’d ask for, to do a better job of keeping us “safe” from digital (cyber) paper-cuts! I mean what the hell do you expect from someone who is broke, and about to be homeless again… in a place where it’s -45 oC winter?

Otherwise, if you have not noticed it’s much harder in the private sector; and some of these women have no choice but to work in massage parlors. What do you expect with crippling inflation, and sky-rocketing housing costs? Others maybe here undocumented, working off debt to human traffickers; but that is another story.

These were women whom it sounds needed to put food on the table of their loved ones, something if you have not noticed is getting harder to do. Unless of course you are a lawyer who gets paid to write all the legalize for even better paid (and kick-backed) politicians to push their bills through the system.

I said it before, and I will say it again… This “incel” stuff makes no damn sense. Either go get laid, or if you can-not or do-not want to… watch porn like the rest of us (how-do-YOU-say) wankers.

That being said, the SOB murdered in cold blood and your CBC links states “he was scared of how other inmates might treat him behind bars.” Cry me a Manitoba Red River, grown fit men get raped and killed in prison… and correctional officers are not there to keep the inmates “safe” from themselves. Hell, half the time the government can not keep the public safe from inmates they release!

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