November 19, 2018: Killing of farmer in Paraguay

Self-styled communist People’s Army of Paraguay terrorists killed a Brazilian farmer near the capital city in 2018.

SAN PEDRO DEPARTMENT, PARAGUAY – Why is it that groups claiming to be fighting on behalf of the ‘people’ usually kill those they are fighting for?

As you know, I began my career in intelligence way back during the Cold War (if you are of a certain age you may have to look that up!). We were engaged in a struggle with a world power that meant business and which stood for just about everything we did not. That sure helped us focus our mission!

The ‘enemy’ espoused a doctrine known as Marxist-Leninism/Communism. A late 19th century philosophy, it was supposed to be all about workers’ rights and the rise of true popular government. Unicorns and lollipops for all!

marxism leninism print | Marxist Leninist Artist
If they are leftists, why are they all looking rightward?

So many extremist groups arose which chose to portray themselves as ‘popular‘ in nature, all of which said that they were there to support the average joe (or jill). Why is it, then, that just about every Marxist/Communist extremist group has killed the very people they were supposed to be protecting? Today’s featured attack is a very good example.

On this day in 2018 members of the Ejercito del Pueblo Paraguayo (or EPP – the Paraguayan Peoples’ Army) were blamed for the death of a Brazilian farmer they had seized near the capital city, Asuncion. The EPP is a communist guerrilla movement that has undertaken a number of attacks, including bombings, arson, shootings and kidnappings as part of an organised insurgency in northern Paraguay.

Se presume efectivamente que es acción de este grupo criminal del EPP. En base a datos proporcionados por las víctimas y por la forma de actuar del grupo se afirma prácticamente que es el grupo EPP.

Paraguayan Defence Minister

Killing a farmer? To what end? I am not so confident that is any way to make yourself ‘popular’.

Phil Gurski

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