Podcast 38 – A talk with former CSIS Director Ward Elcock

Ward Elcock was the Director of CSIS from 1994 to 2004 and saw the organisation through 9/11 and its aftermath. He joins Borealis to reflect on his years in security intelligence and where we are going next.

The guest Ward Elcock

Ward P.D. Elcock is a Canadian civil servant who served as the Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service from 1994 until May 2004. He remains the only Director to have ever served out his entire tenure. He served as the Deputy Minister of National Defence from August 5, 2004 to October 1, 2007.

The host Phil Gurski

In this podcast, retired Canadian intelligence analyst Phil Gurski discusses the subject of terrorism: what it is (and isn’t), trends, developments and more. Phil Gurski, author of five books on terrorism, is not shy to wade into controversial matters and provide his perspective honed from more than three decades in intelligence. From Canada to the greater West to the world, subscribe to listen to the thoughts of a person who ‘worked at the coalface’ for many years.

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Phil Gurski
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