Podcast 45 – Christianne Boudreau: My child died fighting for a terrorist group

Raising kids is a challenge and our children do things that drive us crazy! Imagine if your child ended up leaving home to join a terrorist group and died fighting for ISIS. That is what happened to Damian Clairmont.

His mother, Christianne Boudreau, joins Borealis to talk about what she went through as well as how she is trying to help parents in similar situations.

Christianne Boudreau is an accountant and business manager by training and founded the Hayat Canada Family Support Foundation in 2014. As a mother personally affected by the impact of violent radicalization processes in her own family she decided to give her own experiences a voice and step forward for other families sharing similar problems. She is also coordinates the mothers network “Mothers for Life” with Daniel Koehler, which brings together mothers of radicalized jihadis to give them a stronger voice globally.

Mothers for Life is a unique global network of parents who have experienced violent jihadist radicalization in their own families. In most cases, the parents in our network have seen their sons and daughters leaving for Syria and Iraq and in many cases never to return. Sometimes other family members have radicalized as well. To get in touch and become a member of Mothers for Life please send a message to contact@mothersforlife.org or visit www.mothersforlife.org.

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