David Wilson: When Irish terrorists posed a real threat to… Canada!

How many of you have ever heard of the Fenian threat to Canada? Yes, there was a terrorist movement in the 1860s that threatened Canada and killed one of the ‘fathers’ of Confederation in 1868. University of Toronto’s David Wilson joins Borealis to talk about this forgotten violent chapter of Canadian history.

About the guest, David Wilson

With a background in modern North Atlantic history, David A. Wilson specializes in Modern Irish History and the Irish in North America. Prof. Wilson’s Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Volume 1: Passion, Reason, and Politics 1825-57 received the Raymond Klibansky Prize from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and was co-winner of the James S. Donnelly prize given by the American Conferencefor Irish Studies. His Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Volume 2:  The Extreme Moderate won the Canadian Historical Association Political History prize.

Prof. Wilson is a recipient of the Faculty of Arts and Science Outstanding Teaching Award. He is currently the General Editor of the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, and is writing a book on the Fenian underground in Canada.

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