Islamic leaders need to look in the mirror

In the wake of heavy criticism by Muslim leaders over French President Macron’s comments about Islam after a brutal beheading all fingers are pointed at France as the problem.  Is it, or is the Muslim world in crisis?  Borealis weighs in on this topic.

Leaders and groups across Muslim world join debate as protests erupt, while Europe stands by Macron and criticises Turkey. The backlash over French President Emmanuel Macron’s critique of Islam has intensified after Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned his counterpart’s mental health, while Muslims in several countries are demanding a boycott of France.

Saudi Arabia has said it “rejects any attempt to link Islam with terrorism, and condemns the offensive cartoons of the Prophet” amid an escalating row between France and some Muslim-majority nations over Paris’s support for the right to caricature the Prophet.

Pakistan has summoned France’s ambassador in Islamabad to express its deep concerns over what it called “systematic … Islamophobic acts” in the European country.Ambassador Marc Barety was summoned to the foreign office in Pakistan’s capital on Monday morning, a day after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for “encourag[ing] Islamophobia”.

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