Should we be worried about ecoterrorism?

When we read and hear about terrorism where does your mind go? Most probably to the world of Islamist terrorism/jihadism since the vast majority of attacks can be traced to them. What about environmental terrorism? Is this on the horizon?

Borealis weighs on on the reality of this form of violent extremism.

What if climate activists turn to terrorism?

Protesters against climate change have not resorted to terrorism to advance their cause. This scenario from 2031 imagines what would happen if they did.

The first the world heard of the self-styled Earth Defence Army (eda) was in February 2028, when the Jamnagar oil refinery in Gujarat, the world’s largest, ground to a halt after a crippling cyber-attack. In a video manifesto the eda claimed responsibility for the attack, providing detailed evidence of its involvement. The group’s masked leaders warned that oil companies around the world would face similar attacks—as would banks and investors associated with them. “The planet cannot fight back,” one eda member declared, “so we have no choice but to fight back on its behalf.”

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