When terrorism charges are unwarranted

We all hate terrorists and terrorism, right? We all want to see these actors punished for what they do, right? So what if some accused of terrorist offences are not in fact terrorists at all?

Borealis looks at the cases of Paul Rusesabagina and Eskinder Nega in Africa where two governments are using the word ‘terrorism’ to stop the activities of opposition parties.

Paul Rusesabagina is a Rwandan humanitarian and activist who, while working as a manager at the Hôtel des Mille Collines in Kigali, hid and protected 1,268 Hutu and Tutsi refugees from the Interahamwe militia during the Rwandan genocide. Eskinder Nega is an Ethiopian journalist and blogger who has been jailed seven times by the Ethiopian government on convictions for treason and terrorism.

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