May Today in Terrorism

May 3, 1963: FLQ plants multiple bombs in Quebec

On May 3, 1963 the FLQ planted bombs  outside a Royal Canadian Legion, the central post office in Montreal and the headquarters of the Solbec Mining Company.

July Today in Terrorism

July 13, 1963: FLQ bomb statue of Queen Victoria in Quebec City

On July 12, 1963 the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) bombed a statue of Queen Victoria in Quebec City, Canada


Just how serious was the October (1970) Crisis in Canada?

If we fail to look at what was clearly terrorism fifty years ago and call it what it really and truly was, what good is hindsight?

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NO! The Canadian government should NOT apologise for its reaction to FLQ terrorists

50 years ago today the FLQ terrorist group kidnapped a UK diplomat in Montreal. In response the Trudeau government declared martial law. People are now demanding that the current Trudeau government apologise for this. Should it?

October Today in Terrorism

October 5, 1970: FLQ kidnapping of British diplomat

On this day in 1970 the Quebec separatist terrorist group FLQ kidnapped UK trade commissioner James Cross in a bid to gain independence.

Today in Terrorism

Today in terrorism: 17 October 1970, FLQ killing of Pierre Laporte

On this day in 1970, Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte, who had been kidnapped seven days earlier, was found dead in the trunk of a car.