October Today in Terrorism

October 21, 2007: PKK executes sophisticated attack on Turkish soldiers

On October 21, 2007 PKK terrorists killed at least 17 Turkish soldiers and wounded 16 others near Turkey’s border with Iraq.

February Today in Terrorism

February 1, 2018: PKK bombs tax office in Turkey

On this day in 2018 PKK terrorists in Turkey bombed a tax office in the capital city of Ankara injuring three people.

January Today in Terrorism

January 13, 2016: Siege in southeast Turkey

On this day in 2016 five people were killed and 39 wounded in a car bomb attack on a police station and adjacent housing for officers in south-eastern Turkey

Today in Terrorism

PKK arson and murder in Basbaglar, Turkey (July 5, 1993)

On this day in 1993, PKK terrorists slaughtered 33 villagers in eastern Turkey and burned down 200 buildings including a clinic and a mosque.