This week in terrorism

The Week in Terrorism: February 12-18, 2024

Jihadis dominated the global terrorist scene once again, although a cult-like group in DRC did carry out two attacks. RWE? Zero.

This blog is an attempt to track terrorist attacks worldwide on a weekly basis. While recognising the challenges in defining ‘terrorism’, the incidents listed here will be limited to attacks committed – or claimed – by known terrorist groups (Al Qaeda, Islamic State, FARC, etc.) or those where there is a clear underlying ideological, religious or political motive. Only actual attacks carried out, and not those thwarted through arrests, will be listed (for unsuccessful plots check out Borealis’ X feed @borealissaves). This list makes no claim to be exhaustive as it is limited by time and resources available to scan open source intelligence (OSINT).

Events where information is still being gathered may be included with a caveat that they may not turn out in the end to be terrorist in nature. Crimes motivated solely by hate will NOT appear here. Borealis realises that this too is problematic but believes that a distinction between terrorism and hate crimes is worth maintaining.

After the listing of individual incidents analysis of the visible trendlines will be briefly discussed. Multiple, independent sources (OSINT) will be listed wherever possible.

Date Location Method Responsibility Casualties Type
Feb 12Pakistanbeatings, firearms13 wIslamist
Feb 13Galgaguud, SomaliamortarsAl ShabaabIslamist
Hama Province, SyriagunsISIS9 d 3 wIslamist
Feb 14northern IsraelrocketsHizballah?1 d 8 wIslamist
eastern DRCCODECO12 d 16 kidnappedEthno-nationalist
Feb 15central SomaliamortarsAl Shabaabbuildings destroyedIslamist
northern IsraelrocketsHizballahIslamist
Feb 16southern Israelguns2 d 4 wIslamist?
Feb 18eastern DRCknives, gunsCODECO15 d Ethno-nationalist


Of the far too many terrorist groups active in Africa, many of which are associated with Al Qaeda (AQ) or Islamic State (ISIS), there is the odd one that arises and which ends up being particularly lethal. One such example is CODECO, behind two attacks this week which killed at least 27 people. The group’s name comes from the French Coopérative pour le développement du Congo and has sometimes been referred to as a ‘cult’: I am not aware of any nation that lists it as a terrorist group. Yet, it has been active in eastern DRC since at least 1999 and is adding to the misery and violence in that part of the country. As with most issues, the government in Kinshasa, thousands of kilometres to the west, seems incapable of doing much about it.


PAKISTAN In Kashmir, extremists target Ahmadis, injuring worshippers, tearing down minarets (

Mortar attacks reported in Galgaduud’s El Dher district; Al-Shabaab strikes near military bases (

ISIS desert attack kills nine Syrian soldiers:… |; Islamic State group kills nine Syrian soldiers: monitor (; Islamic State militants attack Syrian military barracks and kill 9 troops, war monitors say | AP News

Soldier killed, 8 hurt as rocket barrage hits Safed; IDF launches ‘widespread strikes’ | The Times of Israel; One Israeli killed, eight wounded by Hezbollah rocket salvo (

Rebels attack a gold mine in eastern Congo, killing at least 12 people | Africanews

Al-Shabaab carries out attack in central Somalia (

Hezbollah shells Kiryat Shmona in response to Israel’s killing of civilians — Naharnet

2 dead, 4 wounded in terror shooting in southern Israel (; Two killed, 4 wounded in terror attack in southern Israel; shooter ‘neutralized’ | The Times of Israel; Terror Attack In South Israel: 1 Dead, 6 Wounded And Shooter Neutralized – I24NEWS; Two murdered in shooting attack in southern Israel | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

CODECO rebel attack kills 15 people in eastern DR Congo | News | Al Jazeera

By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.