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The week in terrorism: March 25-31, 2024

Another week another total domination by Islamist terrorism. This trend line has held up so far in 2024 and is very unlikely to change. It is time to accept facts.

This blog is an attempt to track terrorist attacks worldwide on a weekly basis. While recognising the challenges in defining ‘terrorism’, the incidents listed here will be limited to attacks committed – or claimed – by known terrorist groups (Al Qaeda, Islamic State, FARC, etc.) or those where there is a clear underlying ideological, religious or political motive. Only actual attacks carried out, and not those thwarted through arrests, will be listed (for unsuccessful plots check out Borealis’ X feed @borealissaves). This list makes no claim to be exhaustive as it is limited by time and resources available to scan open source intelligence (OSINT).

Events where information is still being gathered may be included with a caveat that they may not turn out in the end to be terrorist in nature. Crimes motivated solely by hate will NOT appear here. Borealis realises that this too is problematic but believes that a distinction between terrorism and hate crimes is worth maintaining.

After the listing of individual incidents analysis of the visible trendlines will be briefly discussed. Multiple, independent sources (OSINT) will be listed wherever possible.

Date Location Method Responsibility Casualties Type
Mar 25Mandera, KenyaIEDAl Shabaab3 d Islamist
southern IsraelrocketsHamasIslamist
ChadIEDBoko Haram7 dIslamist
Mar 26Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistansuicide bomberTTP?6 dIslamist
Mar 27SomaliagunsAl ShabaabIslamist
Raqqa, SyriagunsISIS4 d Islamist
Mar 28northern IsraelrocketsHizballahIslamist
West Bankshooting3 wIslamist
Gaza StripRPGAl Qassam BrigadesIslamist
Mar 29SomaliashootingAl Shabaab 6dIslamist
Kirkuk, IraqgunsISIS1 d Islamist
London, EnglandknifeIRGC?1 wShia Islamist
Mar 30Balochistan, PakistanbombBLA?1 d 14 wIslamist
Kuala LumpurMolotov cocktailIslamist
Mar 31Azaz, Syriacar bomb8d 20 wIslamist?
Balochistan, PakistanIEDBLA2 d 2 wIslamist
southern Israelknife3 wIslamist


This is the last report in this series, which began in January of this year. Borealis believes it unnecessary to continue as the trendlines identified thus far are not likely to change moving forward. All attacks to date, with one or two exceptions, have been jihadi in nature. There is no sign of right wing terrorism as predicted by many national security ‘experts’ in the West. It is time for all to recognise that Islamist terrorism is the dominant form worldwide and will keep being so indefinitely.


Al-shabaab strikes in Mandera, Kenya (

Hamas launches rockets at major Israeli cities | FDD’s Long War Journal

Seven soldiers in Chad are killed in an explosion blamed on Boko Haram extremists | AP News

Bangkok Post – Pakistan suicide bomb kills 5 Chinese; Beijing demands ‘thorough investigation’ after fatal attack on 5 Chinese nationals in KP’s Bisham – Pakistan – DAWN.COM; Five Chinese among six killed in Bisham suicide attack (; Pakistan: 5 Chinese workers killed in bombing – DW – 03/26/2024; Army vows action against perpetrators of Shangla attack as Chinese engineers among 6 killed (;Suicide Bombing Kills 5 Chinese Citizens in Pakistan (; Terrorists, facilitators behind deadly Shangla attack on Chinese engineers ‘arrested’ (

Al-Shabaab strikes key town in central Somalia (

ISIS kills four pro-regime soldiers in Raqqa:… |

Hezbollah strikes north Israel in response to ‘Naqoura massacre’ — Naharnet

3 hurt in West Bank terror shooting attack on cars, school buses | The Times of Israel; Jordan Valley terrorist may have arrived on electric bicycle | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

Six Kenyans killed in Somalia in suspected Al Shabaab attack (; Six Kenyans killed in Somalia in suspected Al Shabaab attack – The East African

Iraqi soldier killed in suspected ISIS attack in… |

Iranian journalist posts defiant update from hospital bed after knife attack outside London home (

Bomb Blast Kills 1, Wounds 14 In Pakistan’s Southwest (

Malaysia Mini-mart Outlet Attacked after ‘Allah Socks’ Outcry – ASEAN

Syria: Seven dead after car bomb tears through market in Azaz (; Syria: Fatal car bombing strikes crowded market – DW – 03/31/2024; Eight killed in car bomb attack at north Syria market (; 8 dead in car bomb at north Syria market: monitor (; Deadly car bombing rips through market in northern Syria (

2 Soldiers Killed In Attack In Pakistan’s Balochistan Province (

Three seriously wounded in terror stabbing spree at Gan Yavne mall | The Times of Israel

By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.