Quick Hits: Was the deadly attack at a Toronto erotic spa an act of ‘incel terrorism’?

A youth in Toronto has been charged with terrorism for the killing of a woman at an erotic massage parlour back in February.  Police have uncovered that the suspect subscribed to the ‘incel’ movement, a group of sexually-frustrated men. 

Is this the right charge?  Is incel terrorism?  Borealis weighs in.

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In this podcast, retired Canadian intelligence analyst Phil Gurski discusses the subject of terrorism: what it is (and isn’t), trends, developments and more. Phil, author of five books on terrorism, is not shy to wade into controversial matters and provide his perspective honed from more than three decades in intelligence. From Canada to the greater West to the world, subscribe to listen to the thoughts of a person who ‘worked at the coalface’ for many years.

Threat of ‘incel’ terrorism continues to grow, attract younger followers

Canada’s most recent outburst of incel-related violence was allegedly a machete attack on Feb. 24 at a North York massage parlor that left a 24-year-old woman dead and another badly injured. While the motive for the killing was not disclosed at the time, police are now calling it terrorism. Charges against the suspect were updated in court on Tuesday to include counts of terrorism.

Finally some more information on the 2018 van killings in Toronto

It is vitally important when trying to determine motive for violence, including that of the terrorist variety, to corroborate evidence from multiple sources.

Threat of ‘incel’ terrorism continues to grow, attract younger followers: experts

Two years after the Toronto van attack that killed 10, the misogynist incel subculture allegedly behind the mass killing is part of an evolving threat that intersects with far right extremism, according to experts.

Podcast 21 – Are Incels Terrorists?

Alek Minassian killed 10 people and wounded 16 in an alleged ‘incel’ attack in Toronto on April 23, 2018. Was this a terrorist incident and are incels terrorists?

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