March 24, 2018: Anarchist bombing outside military court in Greece

On March 24, 2018 a Greek anarchist group placed a small bomb outside a military court in Athens resulting in a grand total of zero injuries.

ATHENS, GREECE – If you want to get yourself noticed in this age of over-information pick a really cool name for yourself.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – or so penned William Shakespeare in his version of Romeo and Juliet. It means what it says it means: language is just a veneer for reality. There are thousands of tongues on Earth, some related to others and some not (what we call ‘language isolates – like Basque), each with their own way of naming things.

With the exception of onomatopoeic words – the ones which sound kinda like what they represent (think ‘bow wow’) – the relationship between the sequence of sounds and the concept (what the great French linguist Ferdinand de Saussure called the ‘signifiant’ and the ‘signifie’) is completely random.

Still, at times a lot of thought goes into the choice of a name. Imagine what people would think of a fast food restaurant called ‘Raw meat turned into brown stuff’. Not much I’d wager.

Is the ‘M’ really a placeholder for ‘mmmmm….delicious’?? (Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Terrorist groups also worry about what to call themselves, although some fail miserably (watch my podcast ‘10 top worst terrorist group names‘). Today’s featured group may qualify for “it’s time to go back to the drawing board”.

On this day in 2018

A Greek anarchist group – what is it with all these anarchists in Greeceplaced a small bomb outside a military court in Athens resulting in a grand total of zero injuries. The name of these stalwart terrorists? “Circle of Asymmetric Metropolitan Warfare, Informal Anarchist Federation International Revolutionary Front”. Yes, seriously, the CAMWIAFIRF. Aka the ‘Conspiracy Cells of Fire‘.

PS: We will come back soon … MPOUMPOUKO we ‘ll see you again …

From a manifesto written after an April 2017 attack by the same wankers

Someone needs to tell the CAMWIAFIRE that their marketing needs help. Way too many letters and words dudes!

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