January Today in Terrorism

January 18, 2018: Lone actor attack in West Bank

On January 18, 2018 a pregnant woman was moderately wounded by a terrorist in a stabbing attack near Jerusalem

December Today in Terrorism

December 18, 2000: Shooting in West Bank

On this day in 2000 Jewish ‘settlers’ opened fire on a school near Nablus, killing one student and wounding two.

November Today in Terrorism

November 11, 2014: Stabbings in West Bank

A Palestinian terrorist linked to Islamic Jihad stabbed a woman to death in a West Bank town in November 2014.

Today in Terrorism

Vehicular ramming in West Bank (July 6, 2016)

On this day in 2016, a Palestinian man lightly injured three Israeli soldiers near an illegal settlement in the West Bank: the culprit was seriously wounded.