April Today in Terrorism

April 21, 2015: Separatists carry out siege in Macedonia

On April 21, 2015 40 Macedonian NLA terrorists took over a police station near the border with Kosovo, beat the officers and stole their weapons.

February Today in Terrorism

February 16, 2001: Bombing targets peacekeeping convoy in Kosovo

On February 16, 2001 Albanian terrorists were suspected to have been behind a bus bombing in which 12 Kosovo Serbs were killed in Podujevo.

December Today in Terrorism

December 14, 1998: ‘Massacre’ in Kosovo

On December 14, 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army attacked Serbs in the Panda Cafe in Pec, killing six and wounding 15.

September Today in Terrorism

September 9, 1998: Massacre in Kosovo

On September 9, 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army murdered at least 34 Kosovar Serbs and Albanians near Lake Radonjic in Kosovo