February 27, 2008: Hamas rocket attack hits school in Israel

On February 27, 2008 Hamas launched 50 Qassam rockets towards the western Negev, killing a 47-year-old student.

SDEROT, ISRAEL – Terrorists portray themselves as brave warriors putting their lives on the line for their ’cause’: how brave is a rocket attack?

If you have ever watched a jihadi video – and I have sat through FAR too many! – you immediately catch the underlying theme. Every terrorist is a brave soul willing to fight AND die for whatever it is they are fighting for in the first place (independence, God’s will, cheaper car insurance…).

Except that very few of these wankers are brave at all. Many (most?) go no further than building an improvised explosive device (IED), putting it where unsuspecting citizens will come across it – and die or become seriously wounded – then get the hell out of Dodge. Whoever dies may have nothing to do with the grievance they are all hot and bothered about. Not that they care, mind you.

How ‘brave’ is that?

The same goes for terrorist groups which use rockets to strike civilians.

On this day in 2008

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched 50 Qassam rockets towards the western Negev: one of them slammed into Sapir College near Sderot and killed a 47-year-old student.

Hamas is not aiming for the military destruction of Israel. Ultimately, the rockets are meant to build leverage and rewrite the rules of the game. It’s psychological.”

Fabian Hinz, independent security analyst

So let’s get this straight. A terrorist group fighting for the ‘right’ cause launches four dozen rockets helter-skelter into the sky and just hopes they hit their targets? And a student is killed?? Not my definition of bravery.

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By Phil Gurski

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