January 31, 2016: Nigerian terrorists carry out bombing in Chad

On January 31, 2016 two attacks by Boko Haram in Chad killed three people and wounded another 56

GUIE VILLAGE, CHAD – When terrorist groups start crossing international borders things rarely end well.

“Good fences make good neighbours“, or so the saying goes. I guess that means that two homeowners can get along great but it still makes sense to have an agreed upon set of rules or boundary in place.

Fun fact: did you know the phrase is from US poet Robert Frost’s Mending Wall? I sure as hell didn’t!

When it comes to national security, and more narrowly terrorist threats, making sure your borders are secure is doubly important. For when it comes to terrorism groups that espouse ideological violence know no limits.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I am pretty sure there were terrorists on one of them! (Photo: By Fred Palumbo, World Telegram staff photographer – Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection, Public Domain)

Alas, many countries and, by extension their security intelligence, law enforcement and military agencies, have to deal with cross-border terrorist attacks. They tend to do a good job on the whole but that does not mean the bad guys do not have their day as well on occasion.

On this day in 2016

Two attacks in two villages in western Chad killed three people and wounded another 56. The assailants were suicide bombers, one on a motorcycle, from Boko Haram (BH), a barbarous group well established in neighbouring Nigeria.

 The EU remains committed to providing a comprehensive range of political, development and humanitarian support to Nigeria and the region in tackling this threat and in ensuring the sound development of the region.

EU statement

BH has also attacked Cameroon to the south and east as well as Benin to the west. Efforts to keep these terrorists under control have not ended well, regardless of what Nigerian presidents keep saying. Maybe it is time for the adjacent nations to erect a better fence!

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By Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting Ltd. Phil is a 32-year veteran of CSE and CSIS and the author of six books on terrorism.

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