Terrorist threats during the COVID-19 crisis

Some terrorist groups are threatening to carry out terrorism during the COVID-19 crisis. How realistic is this and, more importantly, how afraid should we be in light of terrorist propaganda?

Podcast – When bad guys take advantage of international crisis

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and governments are having a hard time keeping up with strategies to respond and react effectively to keep their citizenry safe. Some countries appeared to dismiss the seriousness of the virus for far too long, while others imposed what some felt were draconian measures (China, Singapore) that would not fly in a Western liberal democracy.


COVID 19: When bad guys take advantage of international crisis

March 23, 2020 Phil Gurski

In this time of COVID-19 we have enough to worry about without freaking out about terrorism.

OTTAWA, CANADA — When I used to work at CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) at any given time we were looking at somewhere between 100 and 200 individuals (or, more rarely, cells) who were espousing Islamist extremist rhetoric. They would say things that indicated they had some form of allegiance to this ideology and, on occasions, would express an interest in actually doing something, i.e. commit an act of terrorism.

And just how many of these ‘terrorists’ got to the point where they implemented their desires? Very, very few. The vast majority were wannabes and incapable wankers. They did nothing to cause real alarm.

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