March 5, 2012: ISI massacres police officers in Iraq

On March 5, 2012 20 police officers in western Iraq were killed by dozens of ISI gunmen masquerading as black-clad SWAT teams

HADITHA, IRAQ – Think what you may about the police, getting killed by terrorists pretending to be like you is inexcusable.

Anyone want to become a cop these days?

A profession that has fallen on hard times of late – in fairness due to some not great behaviour by some in the profession – is nevertheless still an important part of civilised society. If you are among the ‘defund the police‘ bunch do me a favour and imagine a world without women and men in law enforcement.

The bottom line is that cops go where the rest of us don’t have to and would rather not. They put their lives on the line so we don’t need to. Give that a thought next time you think this service is not necessary.

Wait, we get FUNDING? (Photo: By Unknown author – Cannon Row Police Station, Public Domain)

With all the dangers they face you’d think that they deserve a break. Alas, even police are subject to terrorist attacks.

On this day in 2012

20 police officers in Haditha in western Iraq were killed by dozens of gunmen masquerading as black-clad SWAT teams out to make a high-level arrest. The perpetrators were from the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), the precursor to the better known ISIS.

We will pursue the terrorists to achieve justice and vengeance for our martyrs.

Iraqi official

To slip through the checkpoints on the city’s edge, the gunmen said they had arrest warrants for criminal suspects and flashed police identification cards using vehicles with even police license plates. Now I’ve heard of ‘friendly fire’ incidents but this is taking matters too far!

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By Phil Gurski

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