Coronavirus, Terrorism and Fear | QUICK HITS 22

The world is in a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) panic.  People are living in fear and cancelling events and travel.  What, if any, are the parallels with terrorism?

The coronavirus is causing a lot of fear and anxiety around the world and is starting to affect behaviour and choices. Is this rational? In this podcast, we explore how this compares to our fear and reaction to terrorism.

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In this time of COVID-19, we have enough to worry about without freaking out about terrorism!

Even ISIS is afraid of COVID-19, suggesting we may not see an uptick in attacks seeking to take advantage of a possible skeleton crew in security and intelligence agencies.

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and governments are having a hard time keeping up with strategies to respond and react effectively to keep their citizenry safe. Read more about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and its ties with terrorism.

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