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Why can’t Canada deport a terrorist?

Al Qaeda member Mohamed Harkat should have been sent back to his native Algeria decades ago: why is he still here in Canada?

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The need to do a much better job of removing those who do not belong in Canada

The auditor general found despite a recent increase in removals, about 50,000 enforceable cases piled up in the CBSA’s inventory during the time of her audit.

Podcast Quick Hits

Will terrorists be using drones and technology? | QUICK HITS 33

There is a lot of talk about terrorist use of advanced technology. How afraid should we be about this? Is the end of the world around the corner?

COVID-19 Quick Hits

Quick Hits: COVID-19 and National Security

We are not sure how bad COVID-19 will get and we are all concerned. What are the national security implications for Canada and the ties with terrorism

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COVID-19: How far can we go with closing the border?

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and governments are having a hard time keeping up with strategies to respond and react effectively to keep their citizenry safe. Some countries appeared to dismiss the seriousness of the virus for far too long (hello Trump administration), while others imposed what some felt were draconian measures (China, Singapore) […]