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What to do with an ISIS wannabe?

A Canadian has been charged with terrorism hoax for lying about being part of ISIS. What should happen to him? Borealis talks to Mubin Shaikh, a Canadian who worked with Abu Huzayfah to see what he knew and when about this case. About my guest Mubin Shaikh: Mubin Shaikh is a former security intelligence and […]

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast

Podcast 31 – Interview with former security intelligence and counter terrorism operative Mubin Shaikh

In 2016, 17 Muslim Canadians had been arrested in a terrorism plot due to a human source/agent named Mubin Shaikh. He joins Phil Gurski to talk about his role and related matters on this podcast.


How NOT to have a useful dialogue on counter-terrorism

Having polar opposite views or smaller disagreements on any subject matter, including terrorism, is acceptable: ad hominem slander is not.