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Sophia Moskalenko: How does the sharing of images and memes online contribute to radicalisation?

How do MAGA hats, swastikas and ISIS flags lead to violent extremism?

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So now our spies need a warrant to use Google?

What to make of a new NSIRA report criticising CSIS for using open source info to help it do its job?

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When things go wrong fingers get pointed – is this fair?

In the wake of a brutal killing and beheading of a French teacher in October for his ‘crime’ of showing the Muhammad cartoons, a report has come out saying French security and intelligence services failed to “appreciate the gravity of the defamatory campaign on social media against the teacher”.  In other words, the French blew it.  […]

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Hate in the Homeland: The New Global Far Right

A startling look at the unexpected places where violent hate groups recruit young people.

Articles University of Ottawa

Is the violent extremist issue bigger than a shoebox?

Assumptions that the violent extremist threat from individuals associated with RWE and other terrorist ideologies may be overstated.

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Quick Hits: Research finds Canadians among most active in online right-wing extremism

Canadians are supposedly really active on right wing extremism websites. How worried should we be? Have a listen to how Borealis sees this data.

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No such thing as privacy intrusions in the age of oversharing

Law enforcement and security agencies use a wealth of sources in their investigations, including openly-available data.

Ecoterrorism Perspectives

Threats of violence over climate change disagreement continue…

How a grade 4 lesson that included material critical of Alberta’s oil industry prompted a Facebook debate among parents that devolved into threats and prompted the school to call in the RCMP and cancel a holiday dance.


How NOT to have a useful dialogue on counter-terrorism

Having polar opposite views or smaller disagreements on any subject matter, including terrorism, is acceptable: ad hominem slander is not.


Is all fair in love and counterterrorism?

How far do we expect or allow national security agencies to go in stopping violent extremism?